FEBRUARY 18 – MARCH 13 2016

Want to join me?

I’ll be running East from Wheaton on the Illinois Prairie Path then back to Wheaton each morning.  Hop in for any distance you like. Send me an email and I’ll text you where I’ll be.



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    17 02 2016

    so I probably won’t join you in person (brrrrr) but i will virtually run with you! so fun!!

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    Jeff Danbom

    19 02 2016

    If you want I could do 10 miles with you this Sunday morning 2/21 (depending on the exact start location maybe 5out and then I flip while you continue on your course). I could meet you before your 6am start where ever you need.

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    20 02 2016

    Saw you this morning. You awesome!!! Gogogo!!!

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